For Our Children

Forty year old Odur Castro lives in Ocokcan village, Orit Parish, Ogur Sub - county in Lira District. He is a father to 7 children and he recently decided with his wife’s support to have vasectomy procedure done. When asked on how he arrived at the decision to have the procedure done, he said;

“I was linked to Ogur Health Centre through the Papas champion. Being  HIV/AIDS Positive, I was afraid I would not be able to look after my children very well if I continued having more children, my wife too didn’t make enough money by then. Because we   wanted our children to get better education than we had, I decided to have the procedure done .This would give me a chance to concentrate on the children we have now". He was grateful for the support given by Extended Hands Uganda’s CSF funded Project towards this accomplishment. 

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