Bosco’s Story: From the Throes of Death to hope for Caring of Others in Ogur

In May 2013, a 29 year old Okello Bosco who lives in Akano Parish, Ogur sub-county living with HIV and very sick with severe arthritis, was admitted to Ogur Health Center IV, Ogur sub-county, Lira district. Bosco’s wife had recently died of AIDS, leaving behind two children for him to care for. His family had lost hope and believed that he would not live for long.


Following a home visit by a VHT supported by Extended Hands Uganda through funds from JCRC, Bosco was counseled there after referred to Ogur H/C IV ART clinic where he was initiated on ART, He started taking the ARVs and within two weeks, he begun to recover and gained his strength. Before he knew it, the weakness he had because of arthritis had left he said; "I discovered that the drugs made me better, so I won’t play with it."

Bosco recovered and was later discharged from the Health centre. He is currently benefiting from the home based care services offered by the VHTs in his village. He interacts with other people living with HIV who are accessing treatment as well. He openly discloses his status and encourages his peers to adhere to treatment and live positively with HIV. He promises not to abandon his drugs and will not forget to take them at the right time he also encourages fellow men to access the drugs. 

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